Charles Fryatt: A British Seaman’s Story in the Spotlight at the Imperial War Museum North


MANCHESTER.- 95 years after a famous British First World War hero attempted to ram a German U-boat with his merchant ship – and was later killed for his lifesaving actions – he is to be remembered by a new display at Imperial War Museum North. Historic objects relating to Captain Charles Fryatt form this small but powerful new In The Spotlight display, designed to give visitors unique access to intriguing items from the Museum’s vast collection. Fryatt’s controversial story, featured at Imperial War Museum North for the first time, caused international outcry when he was arrested and executed during the First World War. He had been celebrated in Britain for his actions in March 1915. German submarine U-33 had surfaced to torpedo Fryatt’s SS Brussels but Fryatt saved the lives of his crew by steaming straight ahead at full speed, forcing U-33 to crash dive. He was praised in the House of Commons and awarded a gold