Celebrity Painter Rosson Crow and Motorcycles at the Contemporary Arts Center


CINCINNATI, OH.- The Contemporary Arts Center presents Rosson Crow: Myth of the American Motorcycle, an exciting exhibition pairing all new work from painter Rosson Crow with customized American motorcycles. The show, curated by Assistant Curator, Justine Ludwig, runs through April 3, 2011. Bold, irreverent and rebellious are often used to describe Crow. But girly, charming and fearless would work just as well. The 27 year-old painter has become a fixture on the club scene, her celebrity status crossing over in recent years from the art world to the party circuit. Though quite young, she has several major shows under her belt already, having caught the attention of galleries and collectors while still in art school. Ever since her senior thesis, Crow has been creating super-sized paintings of daring places. Her tendency is to take on stereotypically male-dominated spaces like strip clubs, hunting lodges, oil rigs an