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Catalina Island Museum Appoints New Executive Director

CATALINA ISLAND, CA.- In the past year the Catalina Island Museum has demonstrated its commitment to constructing a new museum in Avalon by purchasing a centrally-located downtown property valued at nearly $2 million. The next significant step in that process has now been taken with the appointment of the museum’s new Executive Director: Dr. Michael De Marsche. Dr. De Marsche’s background is unique. He has served as the founding director of three museums, and has devoted nearly his entire twenty-year career to constructing, expanding and renovating museum buildings located in the United States and Europe. ”We are ecstatic to be able to bring someone with Dr. DeMarsche’s qualifications and abilities to help build our permanent home in Avalon” said Catalina Island Museum Board President Steven Schreiner. After receiving his Ph.D. in Art History from Stanford University in 1996, De Marsche served