Carnegie Museum of Art Presents the Powerful Work of Candida Höfer and Cyprien Gaillard


PITTSBURGH, PA.- Carnegie Museum of Art presents the powerful work of two contemporary artists—Candida Höfer and Cyprien Gaillard—who explore architectural environments and how they influence experiences and perceptions of the world. “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” With that simple but profound insight, Winston Churchill conveyed people’s complex relationship to architecture: The physical form of a building is controlled by its designer, but the impact a constructed environment has can be unpredictable, emotional, and even visceral. That dynamic is evident in the exhibition You Are Here: Architecture and Experience, which brings together the photographs of German artist Candida Höfer and a video and etchings by French artist Cyprien Gaillard. Both artists express the formative power of architecture in different but complementary ways, according to Tracy Myers