Carlier Gebauer Presents First Solo Exhibition of Italian Artist Rosa Barba


BERLIN.- carlier | gebauer presents their first solo exhibition of artist Rosa Barba, opening at the Berlin Gallery Weekend 2011. With her filmic works and sculptures, which she exhibited widely in major institutions for contemporary art in Europe, Rosa Barba (born 1972 in Agrigent/Italy) has fundamentally recontextualized the discourse of celluloid-formats in the visual arts today. In her manifold techniques Barba challenges her own medium, the 16 mm and 35 mm film, as a historic innovation of modernism – and demonstrates, that his epoch, as much as the medium itself, remained incomplete, open for aesthetic, narrative and technical potentialities. The artist turns the celluloid into a contemporary and living medium, into an artistic field in which past and present are retranslated into one another. At carlier | gebauer, Rosa Barba shows six works of the last two years, which demonstrate the wide angle of her ar