Car-Part Sculptor Extraordinaire, James Corbett, Exhibits at John Davies Gallery in Gloucestershire


GLOUCESTERSHIRE.- “I create my sculptures not only because I am able to, but because I am unable not to. My sculptures are by nature a solved puzzle, and it’s the challenge of solving the puzzle that gives me the pleasure.” This statement gives a very good insight to what a truly individual and creative character he is, and why his work has become so talked about. In James Corbett we have an artist who defies categorisation, and whether to define his work as fine art in the traditional sense is to miss the point. Every piece he creates is fabricated exclusively from used motor components salvaged from nineteen forties, fifties and sixties cars. He MIG welds the parts together, often using an armature. Sometimes James has a specific subject in mind to create, a kangaroo for example, and he will then draw out the necessary components from the large parts store he has amassed over many years. James gets a great kick from solving the puzzle of creating a three dimensi