Capitain Petzel in Berlin Presents "John Hancock", New Works by Artist Sarah Morris


BERLIN.- Capitain Petzel Berlin presents “John Hancock”, an exhibition of new works by Sarah Morris and her film ’Points on a Line’ (2010). The exhibition is on view from April 29 through July 30, 2011. Sarah Morris is one of the most intriguingly contradictory artists of her generation, known for her complex abstractions, which play with architecture, design and the psychology of urban environments. Morris views her paintings as parallel to her films – both trace urban, social and bureaucratic topologies. In both these media, she explores the psychology of the contemporary city and its architecturally encoded politics. Morris assesses what today’s urban structures, bureaucracies, cities and nations might conceal and surveys how a particular moment can be inscribed and embedded into its visual surfaces. Often, these non-narrative fictional analyses result in studies of conspiratorial power,