Canvases and Letters Show how Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett Put Painting Before Pop Music


LONDON (REUTERS).- He helped create one of rock’s greatest bands, but the late Syd Barrett always considered himself a painter before a Pink Floyd founder. Speaking at an exhibition of the troubled musician’s canvases and letters, his sister Rosemary Breen said Barrett could never understand why people put his brief success with Pink Floyd ahead of his lifelong passion for art. “His art was the real him,” Breen told Reuters in an interview, surrounded by dozens of works left behind by Barrett, who died of cancer in 2006 aged 60. “He was firstly an artist and secondly a musician. If ever he was asked what he did, the reaction would always be ‘I’m an artist’, never ‘I’m a musician.'” Barrett, she added, did not understand why he was so famous, despite being an original