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Candice Breitz Presents Third Exhibition at White Cube

LONDON.- White Cube Hoxton Square presents ‘Factum’, an exhibition of new work by Candice Breitz, the artist’s third exhibition at the gallery. Shot in Toronto, Canada, ‘Factum’ is a series of in-depth video portraits of twins – and one set of triplets – that extends Breitz’s ongoing interest in doubling, portraiture and identity. Titled after Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Factum I’ and ‘II’ (1957) near-identical twin paintings, Breitz’s ‘Factum’ explores the modes of internal and external forces that drive individuation. Breitz has often shown an interest in the alternating modes of desire and repulsion that shift between lovers, fans and celebrities. ‘Factum’ looks at the intensity of these forces between identical twins. Each ‘Factum’ is presented as a diptych (and one triptych), with each twin or triplet beside his or her sibling, dressed almost identically and in the same setting. Breitz interviewed each individual alone for up