Canary Wharf Unveils Award-Winning Sculpture


LONDON.- Canary Wharf Group plc (CWG) has installed its latest art installation, Drawing Cube (Blue) by Suresh Dutt. This striking 3.5m high sculpture in Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf is the winner of the [email protected] Public Art Award 2010. The Award is an initiative of The Royal British Society of Sculptors and each year provides one up-and-coming sculptor with a £10,000 grant and prominent public display space. The [email protected] Award provides a unique opportunity for artists new to public art to develop the specific skills and experience required to compete for large-scale sculpture commissions. The award was sponsored by CWG in 2009 and 2010. Suresh Dutt impressed the 2010 Award judges with his innovative, intelligent and ambitious proposal for Drawing Cube (Blue). The sculpture is inspired by the distortion resulting from converting a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional drawing, otherwise known as foreshortenin