Canadian Sculptor Evan Penny Opens at Kunsthalle Tübingen

artwork: South African born artist Evan Penny stands next to one of his works at an exhibition preview in Tuebingen, Germany. The exhibition at the Kunsthalle has assembled 40 of Penny's works from 02 June to 04 September.

TUEBINGEN, GERMANY – Evan Penny’s sculptures portray human bodies in their true colors and down to the last hair, with all of their wrinkles and characteristic features. His figures, to which he skillfully applies layers of silicone and pigments and implants with real hair, have an extremely sensuous presence. And yet their artificiality is obvious. Alienation techniques such as compressions, stretching, distortions, or color errors cause them to be reminiscent of features of photography, television, or digital image editing. What evolves are anamorphic sculptures that grow out of two-dimensionality, three-dimensional portraits that come across as being flawed process-color prints, or even distorted sculptures that advance into the fourth dimension of time. On exhibition through 4 September.