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Camden Arts Centre Commissions Three New Projects for London’s King’s Cross

LONDON.- Commissioned by Camden Arts Centre and supported by Bloomberg, Junction is a series of three new commissions for London’s King’s Cross in 2008-9. Artist William Hunt, art and architecture collective public works and filmmaker Ria Pacquée made new works including live music, comedy, undercover filming, a mobile poster float, and a polygraph machine. Junction draws together all the work produced for the series, creating a unique snap shot of King’s Cross linked by its engagement with the notorious site. The show portrays a mix of community, spectacle and concealed spaces. William Hunt invited a number of performers to take to the stage for his project Saturday Night TV, attaching each ‘contestant’ to a lie detector in a live, X Factor-style show which interrogated the nature of performance art and the elements the audience perceives as authentic in performance. For the exhibition at Camd