Caixaforum Barcelona Commemorates "Teotihuacan, City of the Gods"

artwork: A sculpture, entitled Huehueteotl, dios del fuego (Huehueteotl, God of Fire), from between 600 and 900 AD, belonging to the ancient Maya civilization, on display in an exhibition, entitled Teotihuacan. Ciudad de los Dioses (Teotihuacan. City of the Gods), at the CaixaForum in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition, presenting some 400 pieces from the Mayan city of Teotihuacan, runs until 19 June. - Photo by EPA

BARCELONA, SPAIN- Teotihuacan City of the Gods, the most complete exhibition ever devoted to Teotihuacan culture recently opened at Caixaforum Barcelona. The objective behind the exhibitions that “la Caixa” Foundation has devoted in recent years to the great cultures of the past is to illustrate how men and women in different places and times have attempted to answer the great universal questions, and to increase our understanding of the world by showcasing the most recent historic and archaeological research. This is not the first time that an exhibition at ”la Caixa” Foundation has focused on ancient Mexican cultures; having previously showcased Life and Death. Funeral Art in Western Mexico, then, ”la Caixa” Foundation now presents Teotihuacan, City of the Gods… on exhibition through 19 June.