Cain Schulte Contemporary Art Presents Exhibition of Works by Arngunnur Yr


BERLIN.- Cain Schulte Contemporary Art presents Arngunnur Yr. Arngunnur Yr’s mastery of painting and the clarity of her vision enable her to take risks that others shy away from. She does not worry about the tension between accessibility and sophistication, but simply embraces it. She looks for what is fundamental in our physical and emotional worlds, and then explores. What does Arngunnur Yr find? This is not a simple question to answer. Perhaps a better starting place would be to ask: What do we as viewers find? Technically, Arngunnur Yr’s artworks tend to be oil on wood or paper. Formally, her images are most often essentialized landscapes structured around a horizon line, with a foreground, a background, and a sense of vast enveloping space. Arngunnur Yr purposely chooses this comfortable and accessible i