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Bruno Serralongue. Feux de camp on View at Jeu da Paume

PARIS.- In order to probe contemporary procedures for producing, distributing and circulating images, Bruno Serralongue “commissions” his own images from himself. His method begins with the collection of information from the media, which he uses as if they were dispatches from his own news agency, of the kind regularly sent out to newsrooms. Based on this information, which in his case has been preselected by the editors of the various media, Serralongue then makes his own selection and, when he finds an event that particularly intrigues him, travels out to cover it. However, what interests him is not the event as such, but what happens on the margins, backstage. Beyond the event, his works and images concentrate on the interstices of information. The exhibition at Jeu de Paume features some hundred images, covering his work over the last few years. The photographs are organised by subject and location, but also hig