Brueghel, Rubens, Jordaens… Exhibition of European Paintings from the Hohenbuchau Collection


VIENNA.- The Hohenbuchau Collection is one of the largest and most diverse collections of northern European Baroque art to have been assembled anywhere in the world over the past few decades. While it is a truism that every private collection reflects the personal taste of the person who has assembled it, what distinguishes these holdings from those of other private collections is a combination of intense focus on the one hand and wide variety on the other. The main focus of the collection is the painting of the seventeenth century, in particular the Dutch and Flemish Baroque, an era known as the Golden Age. Within these parameters, the collection aims at presenting this epoch and its schools both in terms of the multiplicity of its pictorial genres, ranging from the history painting, portrait, genre scene and landscape to the still life, and of the broad diversity within each individual genre. An interesting feature of the collection is that