Bruce Silverstein Gallery Presents Maria Antonietta Mameli: Long Takes


NEW YORK, N.Y.- Bruce Silverstein Gallery presents Long Takes, the second solo show of the artist Maria Antonietta Mameli. On view from April 7 through June 4, 2011. A conceptual extension of the artist’s first project, Human Observations, Mameli has furthered her process of photographing passersby from the Manhattan Bridge—the figures in true scale as seen from her vantage point, their surroundings completely eliminated by the artist. For her recent project, Mameli has chosen to hone in on specific characters on the streets below. She follows these individuals as they go about their daily lives enacting particular tasks—moving a mattress, pushing an overloaded dolly, or carrying balloons. Her works create an almost cinematic narrative as the figures progress in their task, but remain frozen at the center of each composition. Mameli’s Long Take #1 follows