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Bruce Munro’s Water-Towers at Salisbury Cathedral

KILMINGTON.- The installation of Bruce Munro’s Water-Towers has begun, and work is in progress on his second contemporary artwork at Salisbury Cathedral, situated along two entire sides of the ancient cloister. 16,000 water bottles (large 2 Lt size) have been supplied by Cott Beverages, suppliers to Tesco, and thanks are due to Jamie Feeley and particularly Sophie Dungworth for their help in ensuring they arrive through inclement weather and other challenges. Today Munro’s team began lacing 69,000 meters of optic fibre through the bottles. Each of the 69 towers will be built of 216 bottles containing a total of 30 tons of water, and together they will form a huge maze which changes colour in an offset pattern to a musical score. The Cloisters were built between 1240 and 1270. Water-Towers will remain in place for two months, alongside Munro’s Light Shower which cascades from the high in the spire crossing