Bruce Munro’s CDSea Regatta Photographed Under Rocket-Light At Long Knoll, Wiltshire


WARMINSTER.- Bruce Munro’s new artwork ‘CDSea’ which was installed in a field near Kilmington on 19/20th June, was given a brief new lease of life when illuminated by rocket light before being disbanded earlier than planned. “I wanted to try another light effect while CDSea was in place” says Munro, who calls the installation under firework light “CDSea Regatta”. Munro’s family and workshop team and several friends joined him a few nights after CDSea was installed at Long Knoll Field, as licensed firework handlers ignited £200 worth of rockets over the field. “When we let the rockets off, they soared into the air and it was a really nostalgic moment” says Munro. As a child his father lived in Salcombe and there, at the end of the summer, the town held an annual Regatta with a candle-lit procession. “The fishermen would tie the boats together and one fisherman would lead t