British Sculpture Survey at the Royal Academy in London Sharply Divides Critics


LONDON (REUTERS).- By replacing a traditional survey of 20th century British sculpture with a “provocative set of juxtapositions,” London’s Royal Academy has made both friends and enemies among the critics. Some welcomed what the gallery called a “fresh approach,” but others attacked it for omitting several important British and foreign sculptors. Most outspoken was Andrew Graham-Dixon, writing in the Sunday Telegraph’s Seven magazine in his no-star review: “This lamentable exhibition has no coherence, no clear purpose and fails to mention many of Britain’s best sculptors of the past 100 years.” Laura Cumming, of The Observer, drew attention to the absence of pop art, and the lack of “advanced conceptualism.” “And if (Carl) Andre’s ‘Equivalent VIII’ can make the cut, though the American’s minimalism never took