Brigitte Kowanz in Retrospective at MUMOK in Vienna


Visitors stand among objects during the Brigitte Kowanz "Now I See" exhibition at MUMOK Museum of Modern Arts in Vienna. Reuters/Lisi Niesner.

VIENNA.- The Brigitte Kowanz retrospective
is a
part of a series of exhibitions that the MUMOK is putting on dealing
internationally successful Austrian artists. With the consistent
depiction of
light and language Kowanz’s work is an exception, in both a local and
international context. This is the first time that her varied and
complex oeuvre
from 1984 up to the present has been honoured to this extent with a
of representative wall pieces, installations, and interventions in
space. The essential elements of her current creative work are
compressed into
an intensive light-space experience in a 450 m² ‘mirrored hall’. During
exhibition encounters with Kowanz’s work in public space have been made
by two light projects – one on the façade of the MUMOK and one on the
Tower. On view through 3 October.