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Bridge Honors Massachusetts, Rhode Island Couple Killed on 9/11

By: David Klepper, Associated Press
ATTLEBORO (AP).- Before the politicians and the cameras showed up, Ellen and Bill Goodchild took an unhurried stroll on the bridge that now bears their daughter’s name. There were no tears; just smiles for the child they lost on 9/11. Lynn Goodchild and her boyfriend, both 25, died in the attack on the World Trade Center towers. “If they named a mailbox after my daughter I’d be happy,” Ellen Goodchild, of Attleboro, told The Associated Press. “She would be like, ‘They’re naming a bridge after me? We were just a couple of kids!’ For them to be remembered 10 years later, and for total strangers to come up with the idea, it’s just wonderful.” Lynn Goodchild was heading to Hawaii for a vacation with boyfriend Shawn Nassaney when their United Airlines Flight was hijacked and flown into the South Tower.