Boston Science Museum Buys Fleet of 30 Segways and Offers One-Hour Tours


BOSTON (AP).- Boston’s Museum of Science has exhibits on natural history, dinosaurs, space travel and electricity, all enclosed within four walls. Paul Fontaine, vice president of education, has for years wanted to expand beyond the bricks and mortar. He got his wish Friday with the launch of the Museum of Science Segway Experience, an outdoor tour of the area around the museum using the gyroscopic, two-wheel transporters, themselves a marvel of science. “We have all this science and technology of the human world packed within a few miles of the museum,” Fontaine said. “This was just a natural extension of what we already do.” The parks and shoreline around the building are full of native flora and fauna, and the museum is right down the street from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, the birthplace of some of the nation’s greatest scientific achievements, Fontaine said. “There are surprising number of different birds who make their habitat