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Bonhams to Sell Lincoln Continental Car Adapted for Pope Paul VI and Apollo Astronauts

CARMEL, CA.- Bonhams are to sell a truly unique motorcar, created at the request of the Vatican, in an auction of Exceptional Motorcars and Motorcycles at Quail Lodge, Carmel, California on 19th August 2011. The 1964 Lincoln Continental Limousine was built at the special request of the Vatican to Ford Motor Company to convey Pope Paul VI through New York to address the United Nations on World Peace. It was rushed to completion in a span of less than two weeks from receipt of the request to delivery of the finished parade car to New York on October 5, 1965. The wheelbase is stretched to a massive 160″ with an overall length of nearly 21 feet. Exterior step plates and handrails for security, additional interior seating for aides and prelates, a raised seat for the Pontiff, extra interior lighting, public address system, auxiliary power from a bank of seven batteries were only a few of the many detail changes. The most visible a