Blondes and Brunettes in Film Examined in Exhibition at Cinémathèque Française


PARIS.- Punctuated by many screening of film excerpts, Brune/Blonde focuses on film and its mythical actresses: blondes and brunettes, not to mention redheads, short and long hair, veiled or sensual. It looks at the film industry and its filmmakers seeking a form in which the body reveals itself. And it looks at films and the representation of hair, inextricably linked to desire and the intoxication of love. Emblematic of this is Kim Novak’s spiral bun in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, revisited 30 years later by David Lynch in Lost Highway. With its main elements as aesthetic as they are thematic, the exhibition is divided into five parts entitled: Myths, The History and Geography of Hair, The Gestures of Hair; Hair at the Heart of Fiction (rivals, metamorphosis, dressing up, relics), Towards Abstraction (hair as a material). At every stage of its journey the exhibition looks at classic and fringe films, films from the West and films from the East, films of the past (Buñuel, Ha