Blackwell the Arts and Crafts House exhibits works by four artists made from natural materials


CUMBRIA.- The exhibits in Woven from Nature are – literally – just that. This exhibition brings together four contemporary artist-craftswomen whose work is either entirely or partially woven and which has the ‘common thread’ of being made from natural materials: wool, cotton, willow, paper and vellum. This is a show that brings together traditional and contemporary practice in the most exciting ways. Two established leaders in their respective fields, basket-weaver Mary Butcher and tapestry weaver Jilly Edwards, have each nominated a fellow maker working within the same discipline, whose work may not yet be as well-known as their own. It makes for a show in which experience has informed the curatorial approach, and which offers an fascinating breadth of work. Jilly Edwards trained at West of England College of Art in Bristol, and the Edinburgh College of Art Tapestry Department; she has since taught, published and exhibited widely. Jilly is now based in Devon