Billed as the Warhol of his Generation, Dave White Presents ‘Americana’ at The Coningsby Gallery


LONDON.- Internationally acclaimed artist Dave White explores American heritage and the spirit of the West in his latest solo show. Entitled Americana, the exhibition will feature a series of large scale oil paintings in White’s trademark expressive style, alongside limited edition prints and works on paper. Taking place at The Coningsby Gallery, London from April 11th through April 30th, 2011, this exhibition highlights White’s ability to capture dynamic scenes with his distinctive impasto style, while presenting a pioneering approach to documenting the legacy of this era. The golden age of the Western movie era is encapsulated in White’s dynamic new series, which could be seen as an innovative interpretation of the classic film still. The cultural inspiration of this period is evident in the apocalyptic themes of battles and stand offs. The turbulence and explosive movements animated and presented thr