Bertrand Delacroix Galley to Show Recent Works by Joseph Adolphe

artwork: Joseph Adolphe - "Toro Bravo 1", 2011 - Oil on canvas - 78" x 90" - Courtesy of and © 2011 Joseph Adolphe. On view at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York in "Toro Bravo" from February 9th through March 9th.

New York City.- The Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is pleased to present “Toro Bravo”, an exhibition of recent works by Joseph Adolphe, on view at the gallery from February 9th through March 9th. Echoing the anxiety of an age marked by austerity and personal uncertainty, Adolphe’s subjects vary between the beaten down fighter, the agile and stoic beast, the exposed human and the vulnerable child – each of them leaving their life force in the ring. Strength and individuality are measured by their ability to endure the respective hardships of their personal confrontations with the world. They are brave despite facing a constant barrage of disappointments, setbacks and unfulfilled dreams. Any remaining optimism seems to slip into darkness. While the trajectory of Adolphe’s paintings follows this same course there is nevertheless an illogical optimism reflected in the confident and powerful force of his marks and colors, as if to say that, ‘in spite of the downfall of the proud, we still stand, bloody and marked, broken, but beautiful’.