Benrimon Contemporary Presents "Last One" by Russian Artist Dimitri Kozyrev


NEW YORK, N.Y.- Benrimon Contemporary presents Last One, Dimitri Kozyrev’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition is on view from March 10 and runs until April 1, 2011. “Now, however, I maintain that just as the concept of the military avant-garde has been ‘lost,’ because of changes in methods of warfare, the avant-garde in the contemporary art world, has also lost its edge.” — Dimitri Kozyrev. The exhibition Last One shows Kozyrev’s works from the artist’s two latest series Lost Edge and Last One, in which his leitmotif is the ruin or fragment. The artist references totalitarian regimes, in particular the U.S.S.R. under Stalin, and its tendency to appropriate and/or censor all avant-garde movements. Kozyrev also alludes to artists such as Malevich and the Suprematist geometries of El Lissitzsky. The layers of pictorial elements and multiple