Benrimon Contemporary Presents Changha Hwang’s First Solo Exhibition with the Gallery


NEW YORK, NY- Benrimon Contemporary presents Three-Fold, Changha Hwang’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Hwang creates abstract paintings that deal with spatial and temporal notions of painting. The artist’s main concern is the relationship between the “Controlled” and the “Uncontrolled” in the process of composing color, line and shape in painting. Hwang is fascinated by the tension that is created by this relationship. Though many see digital influences in his works, Hwang’s points of reference are Islamic tiles, traditional Jewish paper cuts, Venetian lace, stained glass windows and Peruvian Nazca Lines. He studied several different visual languages, such as trace paintings and drip paintings and found that a compilation of these styles helped him find his own visual language. This unique visual language and Hwang’s various reference materials allow him to create three-dimensional space wit