Belvedere Pays Tribute to Valie Export, a Pioneer of Media art, with Exhibition


VIENNA.- “A lying truth. Feedback feed. A recording is made of melting ice, and then played back in reverse on the monitor. The end of the recording = the beginning. Chunks of time. Flow of time. Time reversal. Time repetition. Time dissolution. Tension: time present / future / past.” From VALIE EXPORT’s concept for the video-sculpture ZEIT und GEGENZEIT (TIME and COUNTERTIME) (1973) To pay tribute to the importance and topical relevance of VALIE EXPORT’s art, the Belvedere and the LENTOS are holding extensive solo shows at two locations: Vienna, where the artist lives and works, and Linz where she was born. VALIE EXPORT is regarded as one of the most important pioneers of media art. In over four decades she has achieved a large and consistent oeuvre encompassing performance, action, photography, film, “expanded cinema”, sculpture, text, and media installation.