Baryshnikov shows his dance photography at the Gary Nader Art Centre in Miami


MIAMI (AP).- The dancer in the photograph isn’t frozen in time. Her body is the source of light on a darkened stage, and with a blur of muscle, she’s dancing straight at the viewer who has stepped into her moment. The image is one of roughly two dozen by dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, himself the subject of many photographs, in a solo exhibition of his photography opened Friday at the Gary Nader Art Centre in Miami. In “Dance This Way,” Baryshnikov turns the camera on ethnic, hip-hop, ballet, modern and popular dances around the world. The show’s title, Baryshnikov says, is meant to be both commanding and descriptive. He wants the dancers to move toward his camera, and he wants to show what he sees in their dances. “I’m interested in focusing on body parts, the movements which really one cannot notice in the audience,” says Baryshnikov, 64. He knows what he’s looking for, after