Axelle Fine Arts in New York To Celebrate the Works of Fabienne Delacroix

artwork:Fabienne Delacroix - "Marseille" - 21½" x 25". Image courtesy of of Axelle Fine Arts © the artist.

New York.- Axelle Fine Arts are pleased to announce a reception for Fabienne Delacroix on April 30th 2011. Fabienne Delacroix’ work portrays the French Belle Epoque, the years of the late 19th and very early 20th century, during an economic, artistic and technological boom that filled society with creativity and optimism. Delacroix uses this time period as a backdrop for her intimate scenes of family life and for sometimes grand presentations of a crowd in motion through architectural and industrial panoramas of this golden era. Fabienne grew up playing, learning and working in the studio of her father Michel Delacroix, the world’s most famous French naïf artist.