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Austria at the EXPO 2010 Shanghai Features Mozart’s Music

SHANGHAI.- Feel the Harmony – this is the theme for the presentation of the Austrian pavilion on the occasion of the EXPO in Shanghai. The construction with its distinctively flowing surface creates the impression of a seamless surface; there are, however, used 60 million joints for providing for a uniform distribution of the tension forces. The entire outward facade is covered by a glimmering porcelain coat consisting of 10 million Chinese tiles, fading from red into white. A curved ramp leads the visitors into the interior of the construction, and from there onto a tour visiting the highlights of Austria: from beautiful landscape scenes on to the cultural heritage as well as rather impressive economic and technological performances and achievements. The visitors are presented a rather diverse selection of sensuous impressions combining virtuality and reality in a unique kind of experience. High-resolution panoramas and imageries of real landscape spots are projected ont