Australian Artist Andrew Rogers Completes the Arch of Memory, the World’s Largest Basalt Arch


CAPPADOCIA.- Australian artist Andrew Rogers announced the completion of the world’s largest basalt arch. Inscribed with a single word, MEMORY, “for without memory we are nothing”, the arch is 64ft high, constructed with solid basalt columns, each weighing in excess of 84 tons. The largest such basalt structure in the world, the arch completes the structure titled A Day on Earth and is located at the end of a colonnade of 30ft high basalt columns, each inscribed with 22 virtues. “A Day on Earth” is about the fragility of life and society and values inscribed on each column are imbued with meaning and a deep yearning of every person- liberty, justice, integrity, truth, respect, peace, freedom, quiet, hope, optimism, history, heritage, tolerance, beauty, joy, rights, love, responsibilities, faith, compassion, goodness, kindness. A Day on Earth is surrounded by 11 other structures, each part of Rogers’ “Time and Space” project, situated along