Austin Museum of Art Present New Works by Okay Mountain Collective


AUSTIN, TX, TX.- Okay Mountain collective makes murals, installations, drawings, and sculptures together, all while running a gallery in East Austin. For New Works, Okay Mountain collaborated on the video installation Water, Water Everywhere So Let’s All Have a Drink (2010), a satirical send-up of mass media. Okay Mountain draws on both their aesthetic and conceptual similarities, as well as their differences, to frequently experiment with mediums outside of individual artists’ personal practice in order to complete and contribute to a cohesive, shared artwork. The result of these experiments reflects the group’s hard work and initiative paired with an equal passion for the light-hearted and whimsical. In November 2009, the Austin Museum of Art launched a new exhibition plan, including a project space for fresh contemporary art by local artists, an extension of AMOA’s commitment to showcasing local and regional