Austin Museum of Art Announces Departure of Executive Director and Chief Curator


AUSTIN, TX.- The Austin Museum of Art announced in January that Dana Friis‐Hansen, Executive Director and Chief Curator, was leaving the Museum. Friis‐Hansen joined the Museum as Chief Curator in 1999 and from 2002 until January 2011, he served as both Chief Curator and Executive Director. In his eight years leading the organization, he was responsible for and involved in strategic planning, managing the museum’s professional staff, fundraising and budget oversight, as well as his curatorial duties. “Dana has always had great enthusiasm for contemporary art and for artists in particular. One of his greatest contributions to the Austin community has been the connections he has forged with local artists and the exposure he has offered them,” said Board of Trustees President Lynn Sherman. “Dana is energetic, hardworking, dependable, and of unquestioned integrity. I think his skills, experience an