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Audrey Cottin: Charlie & Sabrina, Who Would Have Believed? at Jeu de Paume

PARIS.- Audrey Cottin, a young French artist based in Brussels, enters Jeu de Paume space as a crowd. Her appearance is colorful, sculptural and spinning. She shares comfort and uneasiness of being in the company of people who don’t stop keeping this world as a continous creative experiment. Thus Audrey Cottin’s exhibition completes a set of subjectivities that were intentionally displayed throughout the series of Satelite 4. Inspired by Robert Filiou’s belief that “everybody is perfect” Audrey Cottin has been searching for a perfect collaboration with people she encounters. This search may include experts of various knowledges, skills and perspectives. The methods of collaboration are often defined by what kind of resonanse is created between those people (writers, sculptors, all kinds of impressarios, etc.) and Audrey herself. The realm of resonance is continuously explored in Audrey