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Aspen Art Museum Shows A Group Exhibition ~ “Restless Empathy”

Allora & Calzadilla - "Hope Hippo", 2005 - Mud, whistle, daily newspaper, live person. - Courtesy of the artists & Lisson Gallery. - Photo: Giorgio Boata

ASPEN, CO.- The Aspen Art Museum debuted a group
Restless Empathy, which will remain on view through Sunday, July 18,
2010. For
Restless Empathy, the Aspen Art Museum has invited eight artists—Allora
Calzadilla, Pawel Althamer, Marc Bijl, Lara Favaretto, Geof Oppenheimer,
Lars Ø.
Ramberg, Frances Stark, and Mark Wallinger—to create new projects or
existing bodies of work throughout the museum and the town of Aspen
While representing a wide range of practices and frames of reference,
artists share a capacity for creating and exploring empathy in
unexpected ways.
Bringing together artists who approach the idea of the poetic, either
material, language, or gesture, Restless Empathy examines the complex
process of
entering the interior world of another—whether artist, viewer, or
seeking to make a connection.