Asian Art Museum Presents First Large-Scale U.S. Exhibition of Balinese Art


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- A tiny island in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali reverberates in the world’s imagination. A globally recognized destination in Southeast Asia, the island is home to one of the most vibrant centers of visual and performing arts in the world. But until now there has never been an in-depth examination in the United States of Balinese artistic traditions. Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance, on view at the Asian Art Museum through September 11, 2011, brings the art and artists of Bali to San Francisco, introducing museum visitors to Balinese history and religious beliefs, and illuminating the ways that performance and rituals are integrated into daily life. From woven palm-leaf images of the rice goddess to terrifying wood sculptures of Hindu deities, from gilded chairs for kings to painted palanquins for the gods, from