Asian Art in London hosted by leading UK dealers and auction houses goes international


LONDON.- Since its inception in 1998, Asian Art in London has become one of the world’s most important focal points for international collectors of Asian art, with its series of specialist gallery exhibitions and events hosted by leading UK dealers and auction houses. In a new move that further enhances its global appeal, Asian Art in London has for the first time invited overseas specialist dealers to join its ranks for the 2011 event, to be held from 3rd to 12th November. International dealers taking part in Asian Art in London for the first time are: Art of the Past from New York; Alexis Renard and Christophe Hioco both from Paris; Carlo Cristi from Italy; Carlos Cruañas from Barcelona. From the Netherlands dealers welcomed are Dries Blitz, Michael Meijering Art Books and Vanderven & Vanderven Oriental Art. All international dealers will be taking gallery spaces in central London. Also new to the event this y