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As Curator Paula Rego Sees the Sadness in "Naked Girl with Egg" Painting by Lucian Freud

PORTO.- “Naked Girl with Egg” by Lucian Freud is on the centre stage of My Choice, an exhibition founded on the now known and tried concept of the artist-curator, with Paula Rego. Mostly comprised of drawings and etchings, but also photography and painting, the 87 works mirror their creators’ identity. Always individualized, each work seems to have been observed and selected as a unique piece, her selection being unconcerned with the building of a body of related works. What unites each piece is Paula Rego’s way of seeing, which is almost always drawn to works with an intrinsic narrative that becomes manifest in extreme situations, of great tension and drama, and others that develop more universal themes, such as life, death, love and sex. “I really only chose what I liked. I didn’t choose pictures because of the name of the artist, or because they were considered historically significant. Very often I didn’t know who had done them. Some I had seen before, but others not. I lo