ArtsWave Launches, Building on Success of Fine Arts Fund


CINCINNATI.- Today marks the launch of ArtsWave, an organization dedicated to connecting people through the arts, advancing the vibrancy of our community with the arts, and supporting the arts and culture in greater Cincinnati. Formerly known as the Fine Arts Fund, the board of trustees voted today to relaunch the organization with a new and more broadly defined mission, along with a new name. This transformation into ArtsWave is an outgrowth of several years of research into the many ways in which the arts act as a catalyst for a more vital city and region, dramatically enhancing our quality of life. ArtsWave’s leadership is motivated by the knowledge that arts and culture has a positive ripple effect on the community as a whole, across a wide spectrum of interests, lifestyles, and locations. “The arts create lively places where we like to spend time, visit, live, and work,” said Mary McCullough-Hudson, President of ArtsWave. “Our change of mission is based