Artpace San Antonio Unveils 10.2 International Artists-in-Residence Projects


SAN ANTONIO, TX.- Artpace San Antonio unveiled its 10.2 International Artist-in-Residence projects. Guest curator Patrick Charpenel, independent curator from Mexico City, presented new works by Monika Sosnowska (Warsaw, Poland), Corey McCorkle (New York, New York) and Jamal Cyrus (Houston, Texas), which will be on display to the public through September 12, 2010. Monika Sosnowska is renowned for her architecturally structured installations that dramatically transform a viewer’s perception and experience of a space. She creates her works in response to a given setting, with an interest in places encumbered with error and dysfunction, while intervening with radical ideas and implementations. For her Artpace exhibition Emergency Exit, Sosnowska took her cue from local architecture, inspired by the ubiquitous emergency stairwells that scale the sides of older buildings throughout San Antonio . The image of the zig-zagging fire escap