Artist Simon English Begins Epic Land Art Journey Down the Spine of England


LONDON.- Simon English is today setting out on his epic journey down the length of England that will see him returning to 75 places he visited nearly forty years ago. His trip, which can be followed online at, is being launched with the release of 500 red and white balloons into the skies over Cumbria this afternoon. The renowned land artist is retracing the steps he took for his monumental 1971 artwork, All England Sculpture, during which he marked out the word ‘ENGLAND’ with St George’s flags from Cumbria to Southampton. For England Revisited, Simon will return to those same 75 locations to witness, document and comment on the changes that have occurred in their landscapes, ecologies, communities and industries over the past four decades. Unlike All England Sculpture, documented with pencil, paper, screenprint and analogue camera, England Revisited is very much a work for the digital age. As