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Artist Jenness Cortez Exhibits Contemporary American Realism

NAPLES, FL.- DeBruyne Fine Art will host their ninth solo exhibition by artist Jenness Cortez. “Homage to the Creative Spirit,” January 28 through March 31, 2010. For centuries artists have been challenging their intellect and skills by paying homage to the innovators who preceded them. In her new work, Jenness Cortez becomes the 21st century’s most notable example of this genre. Her continuing fascination with creating original paintings that incorporate art within art makes her work compelling––both by the virtuosity of her craft and by her astonishing fidelity to a broad range of artistic genres. This masterful work gives Cortez solid footing in the colorful history of artists who have appropriated vintage images and woven them into their own distinctive, recognizable fabric. The ancient genre of “art in art” flowered throughout the 17th century––from Jan Brueghel the Elde