Artist Brian Borrello Creates New Print Series Using Actual BP Oil


NEW ORLEANS, LA.- Jonathan Ferrara Gallery announced a limited unique edition print by artist Brian Borrello that will benefit the expansion of resources and mental health support for children and families affected by the oil spill. Brian Borrello is a Portland-based artist who was born and raised in New Orleans. Borrello is well-known for his environmental works and public art projects. “New Orleans Skyline” is a high-resolution digital print on archival paper with oil collected from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill. Borrello has been integrating motor oil and other materials of a deadly beauty in his artwork since 1993. He is an artist/facilitator with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA, as part of their Brownfields Initiative Program, conducting vision-planning sessions with brownfield communities nationwide since 2004. This limited unique edition print will be sold directly from the gallery (online an