ARTISSIMA 17: The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin Introduces a Host of New Features


TURIN.- Artissima 17, the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin, will be held from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November 2010 under the artistic direction of Francesco Manacorda. This event, the first to be directed by Manacorda, will be introducing a host of new features. First of all, it will be held in spectacular new premises: the Oval, a pavilion of unique architectural design, which was built for the 2006 Turin Olympic Winter Games. Located in the Lingotto Fiere area, the Oval covers 20,000 sq.m., with natural lighting provided by over 15,000 sq.m. of continuous glass walls. It is the ideal venue for Francesco Manacorda’s project, which this year will be bringing together all the various aspects of the Fair in a single place. And this is the second new feature of Artissima 17: the cultural programme with all its many events will take place inside this pavilion, complementing and ensuring close interaction with th