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Art Rotterdam To Present the Latest Developments in Contemporary Art

artwork: LeRoy Neiman - "Tiger in the Woods", 2006 - Oil and enamel on panel Courtesy of the artist. On view in in "Fore! Images of Golf in Art" at the Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA  from February 4th until April 15th.

Rotterdam, Netherlands – Art Rotterdam returns to present the latest developments in contemporary art. From February 9th to February 12th, the stunning departure hall of the Holland America Line is the set for the thirteenth edition of Art Rotterdam, the international fair to discover emerging talent. Some seventy galleries from home and abroad present their most daring artists. Next to the absolute best in Dutch galleries, that have attended for a number of years, a strong participation of foreign galleries stands out (40% of all participants).

Art Rotterdam proudly presents one of the most important emerging talents of this moment, Dutch conceptual artist Navid Nuur (1976), as focused artist. On a central location at the fair Nuur shows his work ‘Distant relations between lovers could fail by the lack of your true focus’. This work is about the relation between artists and public commercial art places, like f.e. magazines, catalogues and art fairs. The print work of the fair is an integral part of the artwork, as well as the participation of the visitor, from whom Nuur expects an interactive role. Also on show, from featured artists Driessens & Verstappen is “E-volved Cultures”, a software presentation by which an artificial landscape is being created in ‘real time’. Virtual organisms, that leave behind visible traces in interaction with their surroundings, together generate a dynamic pixel fabric. Bright, abstract animations bring about associations with geological processes, cloud formations, mould cultures, organ tissue or satellite photos. But in the end they withdraw themselves from any fixed identifications.

artwork: Terry Rodgers - "The Transparency of Venus", 2011 - Archival print - 173 x 127 cm. - Courtesy Torch Gallery, Amsterdam. Torch Gallery will be exhibiting at Art Rotterdam from February 9th until February 12th.

During the fair at the site of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) a temporary pavilion designed and built from reclaimed materials from the rebuilding of the NAi, by Kaleb de Groot, will be open. This pavilion will show films by video artists that are represented by galleries at Art Rotterdam. Alongside these artists, the films of the award winners at the Princess Margriet Routes Awards 2011 will be shown. This award is given annually in celebration of the achievements of artists, activists and thinkers who make an outstanding contribution to discourse on cultural diversity in Europe. This year’s laureates are: filmmaker and contemporary artist Kutlug Ataman [1961, Istanbul] and artist Šejla Kamerid [1976, Sarajevo].

Simultaneously with Art Rotterdam, in the (opposite) building Las Palmas, ‘Object Rotterdam’ will take place. At this international fair for autonomous design twenty participants present unique or limited edition objects in the field of current design, crafts and jewelry. Object Rotterdam exposes the cutting edge between art and design and is the place to experience the latest developments. Talented designer Aldo Bakker (1971) will present his latest series of wooden chairs in the booth of Particles Gallery. With his work Bakker aims to surprise the visitor and to initiate discussions. Gallery Zand shows work of Marc Mulders. This Dutch painter has evolved himself, over the past years, into a glass artist, a.o. by creating leaded- light windows in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam and the Sint- Jan in Den Bosch. At Object Rotterdam Gallery Zand shows fifteen blown glass objects, painted by Marc Mulders.

artwork: Ryan McGinness - "Untitled (Glory Hole, Black)", 2006 - Acrylic on wood panel 122 x 122 cm. - Courtesy Vous Etes Ici, Amsterdam. Vous Etes Ici until February 12th.

Various cultural institutions in the city offer a range of activities that are, during the fair, free of charge and accessible for a broad audience. On show in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is the first large-scale solo exhibition ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ by Dutch artist Gabriel Lester (1972). By means of an integral installation, consisting of interventions, film and sculptures, Lester displays in this exhibition the various aspects of fate. The Kunsthal presents ‘I promise to love you’, a retrospective of the very best from the Caldic Collection, the largest private collection in the Netherlands from collector Joop van Caldenborgh. Furthermore, Rotterdam galleries TENT. Mama and Witte de With organize special evening openings with work of promising young artists Artist collective Het Wilde Weten organizes a market for special artists’ books, and Rotterdam architects, designers and artists will open their studios and workspaces for the public. Visit the fair’s website at …