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Art from the Province of Carinthia from 1945 to the Present

Michael Kos - Wiedergutmachungen, Serie 2, Marmorfindling, Nirostadrähte, Nirostablech, Foto: Bettina Frenzel - Zu sehen am Bildhauerplatz Kunstwerk Krastal

CARINTHIA, AUSTRIA – Beginning 8 July 2008, the Austrian Federal Province of Carinthia, together with eight Carinthian art institutions, presents the first comprehensive major exhibition on contemporary art and architecture in Carinthia under the title “K08 :: Emancipation and Confrontation – Art from Carinthia from 1945 to the Present”. The exhibition documents that many artists from Carinthia have influenced the contemporary context of the Austrian art scene and are important beyond this region. They live and work largely outside Carinthia.